Devon Graham, widely recognized as The Black Airbender, is a pioneer of alchemy breathwork in the breathwork community, a parasympathetic breath artist, and an entrepreneur whose journey into the realms of breath and energy work is a testament to resilience and transformation.


His path took a decisive turn after a profound personal loss in the business world, leading him to introspection and the realization of his own potential beyond material success. This epiphany led him to his Sifu, with whom he explored the ancient Bigu practices. Devon innovatively adapted these teachings, emphasizing a parasympathetic approach aligned with contemporary scientific understanding. His philosophy posits that humanity's essence is mirrored in technology, asserting that each human faculty has a technological counterpart—like the camera emulates the eye.

Devon spent years mastering his craft, engaging with diverse communities ranging from corporate environments to the competitive intensity of the NBA. His expertise in breathwork transcends mere technique; it embodies a holistic lifestyle that fosters longevity and profound well-being. His approach is all-encompassing, facilitating encounters where breath becomes a bridge to deeper understanding and connection, beyond what any single mentor could impart. In Devon's own words, his greatest teacher remains the breath itself, a guide that continues to offer lessons daily.

As a co-founder of NatureHerself369, Devon is at the forefront of integrating plasma science into skincare, believing that our external body is deserving of the same attuned care as our internal energies. His entrepreneurial spirit also gave birth to Crystal Lenses™, a pioneering enterprise offering eyewear crafted from genuine crystals like citrine, emerald and amethyst, merging style with energetic properties.


Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Devon is also a music producer and DJ, infusing his breathwork philosophy into auditory experiences that resonate with the rhythm of life. His artistry extends to crafting subliminal breathwork music, creating a soundscape that guides listeners into a deep, parasympathetic state.

Devon's biography is not just a story of individual accomplishment but an invitation. It beckons you to explore the depth of your own breath, to harness the innate power that lies within, and to join him on a transformative journey of discovery and growth. Through his guidance, each breath becomes a step towards a more awakened and vibrant life.

For those seeking to redefine their relationship with their own vitality and to delve into the essence of their being, The Black Airbender awaits to guide the way. Contact Devon to unlock a new dimension of living, breathing, and thriving in harmonious balance with the world within and around you.

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