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Alchemy Ministry, a non-profit organization, is at the forefront of revolutionizing health and well-being through parasympathetic breathing practices and innovative technologies. Founded by passionate trailblazers in breath art, we are dedicated to providing healthier life alternatives across the Americas and beyond.

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Our initiatives are diverse, ranging from operational business ventures to ambitious humanitarian projects. We are actively involved in uplifting communities in Africa, Costa Rica, and Colombia. Our efforts are focused on providing sustainable support to regions affected by disasters and poverty



Alchemy Ministry's mission is to breathe life into humanity's progressive actions, fostering a global transformation through the art and science of parasympathetic breathing. As pioneers in the integration of breathwork and scalar technology, we are committed to revolutionizing health and well-being on a worldwide scale. Our efforts extend beyond borders, reaching communities in Africa, Costa Rica, and Colombia, where we provide essential support and sustainable solutions to those in crisis.

Through our innovative practices and humanitarian initiatives, we aim to uplift, heal, and empower individuals, enriching their lives and the environments they inhabit. Our mission is not just to teach the world how to breathe but to ensure that every breath taken is one step closer to a healthier, more harmonious world. Join us in this breath revolution, as we create a legacy of wellness and resilience, breathing new life into the fabric of communities globally.

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We have also integrated scalar technology into our practices, enhancing the effectiveness of our programs and extending our reach into the fabric of community well-being.

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Watch a Documentary utilizing Scalar Tech

Your support is vital. With each donation, you empower us to expand our impact, bringing transformative change to communities in need. We are deeply grateful for the relationships we’ve built that allow us to share and grow our mission.

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